How Kickerz found influencer fit with Boraslegend!

The Client

Kickerz gives your child joy and motivation for reading and learning! In our digital age, it is increasingly difficult to get children to read and it is therefore extra important to make reading fun. 

We have created a Kickerz box that contains a fun magazine, an exciting book, and cool stuff. As everything is connected to the child’s interest, the motivation for reading and learning increases. The contents of each box are carefully selected. It should feel like a birthday several times a year! Read about the big stars, clubs, leagues, football adventures, football facts, training tips, and much more.

If your child reads regularly, the vocabulary will increase, which will make schoolwork easier. In addition to the child developing and learning more, the child’s self-confidence also increases.


The Challenge

Kickers wanted to reach a wider audience by incorporating not only Football but also gaming into their magazine and box without sacrificing their core value of getting children to read and exercise. Therefore a combination of FIFA influencers was the best option since the combination with Football and gaming is naturally in the FIFA games. This is the second year we created FIFA content with Kickerz, read about our previous case here.


The Solution

In order to create a successful influencer marketing campaign, one needs to have a holistic process approach. Which is summarized in 4 simple steps:


Campaign deliverables:

  • 4-week campaign
  • Videos – 9 Premium Branding videos to Facebook
  • Twitch stream 3h
  • 1 videos made for Facebook/Instagram Ads and Youtube Ads


FIFA19 Tips &Tricks
Unboxing video

Om Författaren:

Alexis Piippo
Alexis Piippo

E-handels- & Marknadsföringskonsult

Jag har skapat innovativa lösningar som optimerar e-handelsförsäljning och förbättrar digitalt engagemang innan min examen från Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs Universitet 2013. Som grundare av Karlex (2013-2019), och drivande kraft bakom tropSe (2016), brinner jag för att omvandla idéer till verklighet genom SEO, SEM och omfattande digitala strategier. Min filosofi är ‘innovation genom handling’, vilket speglas i mitt arbete med att maximera våra kunders närvaro online.

Mitt engagemang för digital marknadsföring och e-handel har lett mig till framgångar inom både produktlansering, konverteringsoptimering och varumärkesbyggande. Jag värderar skarp analytisk insikt kombinerat med kreativitet och praktiskt genomförande.

Följ mig för branschnyheter, tips & tricks och insikter som jag delar genom mina regelbundna inlägg på bloggen.

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