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Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Marketing


We work with data-driven influencer marketing. By doing so you actually make sure that you reach your target market.

Campaign Management

Strategy & Creative

Marketing campaigns conscist of different phases, we assist you with the research, interview, creative, strategy and implementation of the campaign. We end an evaluation report. 

Paid Digital & Social Media

Repurpose content

In order to maximize your campaigns we recommend using influencer content to repurpose it on your and influencer channel. By doing so you can cost-effectively increase reach. We can assist in Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Ads (including Youtube Ads), Reddit ads and much more.

Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher in Google

This a new service we have started with in 2020. If you want help with SEO we have help with, SEO-strategy, SEO-content and SEO-audits.


FIND YOUR INFLUENCER for your next marketing campaign through our influencer database. 

Filter your search with Market, Plattform and relevant KPI.

Let us boost your marketing team!

Sometimes things is a bit more complex and your own marketing team could use a helping hand. We also offer to work closely with your team with project management, facebook ads och events.

Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.