Which is the Best Social Media Platform For Your Brand?

Deciding to start influencer marketing comes with a set of familiar questions: “Who should I reach?” “How do I find the right influencers for me?” “How can I measure the ROI?”

These questions are necessary, but before answering that, it is a requisite that you identify which social media platforms are the best and suitable for your brand.

In this article, let’s differentiate topinfluencer marketing social mediaplatforms and how your brand can take advantage of them.


Launched in 2010, it is the social media that highlights aesthetics, making it a haven for younger generations, specifically Gen Z (ages 18-24). Add that to millennial users (ages 24-34), these two age groups comprise 71% of the active user base.

Here are the advantages when using Instagram as a marketing platform:

  1. Audience – with a whopping 1 Billion users, and 800 Million active users monthly, there’s a huge audience for brands to market to.
  2. Organic traffic – thanks to Stories and Live, Instagram provides real-time content, making it a strong driver for organic traffic.
  3. Niche – features like hashtags allows consumers to search and have instant access to the post that interests them. This makes it easier to target the right audience for your brand.

The Cons of Instagram

Videos are only 60 minutes long and the ideal length of the caption is up to 150 characters. This means that you have to be very creative in your posts, with the intention of stirring a buzz that will eventually lead to higher engagements.

Conclusion: If you want to have a significant impact on your brand outreach, Instagram should be your top choice.


Did you know that in 2018, referral traffic from top Youtube Influencers drove over 80 Million product views and 22 Million purchases on Amazon alone? This is no surprise since YouTube has 1.5 billion users a month, and almost 500 million hours of videos are watched per day.

Here’s what YouTube can do for your brand:

  1. Authenticity – Unlike celebrities, influencers in this platform don’t give a high and unreachable feel. They can make the viewer feel like they know them, allowing them to become more real and authentic. This factor is significant to sell or endorse products to the audience.
  2. Storytelling – the ability to tell a story is an art that has been mastered by YouTube influencers. And if you are a good storyteller, you can easily give a real impact on your audience.
  3. Product or Service demonstration – in YouTube, you can upload up to 12 hours of content (although this is not necessary), it’s the perfect channel for in-depth product demonstration, like unboxing.
  4. Boost SEO – Embedding YouTube videos on your website helps increase your brand’s exposure in standard search engine results pages. If the video inspires many clicks, it helps you raise the rankings, and adds traffic from engaged users.
  5. Drive Sales – Given the statistics above, without a doubt, YouTube’s audiences lead the pack when it comes to landing sales and customers.

Cons of using YouTube

Creating high-quality content on YouTube takes more time than any other influencer marketing social media platform. Unlike Instagram where all you need to worry about is the photo and caption, YouTube involves set-ups, video creation, editing, uploading, and finally, optimizing.

Conclusion: If you want to convey a message that lingers in the consumer’s mind, it’s wiser to test the YouTube waters.


Facebook continues to be the most popular social media channel, with approximately 1.94 billion active users every month. Plus, Facebook Page has evolved its inbuilt analytics tool, allowing you to track, monitor, and conveniently look up the impact of your campaign.

Let’s take a look at how you can take advantage of this platform:

  1. Encompasses all demographics – Teens, seniors, millennials, you name it, Facebook has it. Half of the internet users of ages 65 and have Facebook accounts. It’s the best at audience targeting, allowing you to find your perfect consumers.
  2. Versatile – Facebook is for anyone and everyone. You can create a page in a few clicks, share content from blogs and vlogs, run a media page, etc.
  3. Powerful analytics – You don’t need third-party analytics tools because Facebook Insights is nothing short of impressive.

Cons of using Facebook

There’s a huge possibility that you might be advertising to fake or dormant profiles. Also, running campaigns on Facebook requires commitment, that’s why large companies hire social media managers.

Conclusion: Facebook is an ideal option for social media advertising and audience targeting yet it’s a crowded marketplace. But this won’t be a problem if you have the budget for marketing.


Launched in 2016, Tiktok had 3 lives in a form of apps before it skyrocketed in 2020. It relies on music, and its impressive and powerful algorithm, allowing it to learn what users see – fast.

Here’s why you should consider creating a marketing strategy with Tiktok:

  1. Tailored for mobile users – although YouTube is also video-centric, Tiktok is designed for mobile users, and the clips may be short but entertaining.
  2. Near perfect algorithm – the algorithm is so strong, you can get your videos to many users on day one. It shows clips on the users’ FYP based on many factors, including audios they listened to, videos they’ve watched for a few seconds, hashtags they follow, and so much more.
  3. Huge Number of Influencers – it is easy to grow following on TikTok mainly because of the algorithm. That is why many social media marketing influencers are finding this platform effective in reaching new audiences. And since it has a pool of various influencers, it is not hard to find a suitable partner for your brand.

Cons of TikTok

Tiktok is a social media for younger generations, so reaching audiences over 35 is a sporting chance. Also, TikTok has been in the news lately for censoring videos that could potentially stir up the political climate. So if you are not careful enough with your commercials, it might go down the drain. Also, TikTok is not known for its customer service – which is a big disadvantage.

Conclusion: If you want your brand to become popular, TikTok is a sure help to meet that need. It’s easy to go viral, it has an extraordinary algorithm, and has over 500 million active users. However, you have to be familiarized with the types of content on Tiktok so your messaging is complementary to the user-generated ones.