Our journey

When we started our journey we had a simple idea; let’s create the biggest esport leagues in the Nordics. However, that failed. Now a company of four becomes a marketing agency of 1 run by Alexis Piippo. Alexis has over 5 years of experience as a professional marketer and a BCs and MSc in Marketing and Consumption from Handelshögskolan in Göteborg, Sweden.

I pivoted to work with the influencers in gaming and then bridged over to become an agency focused on ALL influencer marketing, paid digital & social media, and SEO. 

Influencer Marketing

I guide our clients to create influencer marketing campaigns. The challenge im are tackling right now is how to create great sales with influencer marketing and how to track its MROI+ROI. Not only do I set up the campaign, shoot the production, and implement the campaign ourselves. I save you time. Read more about our services and blog.

Paid Digital and Social Media Campaigns

In order to maximize your influencer marketing campaigns, I have the opportunity to add paid SoMe. By doing so we can cost-effectively leverage the influencer reach with your brand. Read more about our services and blog.

Search Engine Optimization

I offer services in SEO because the correlation to influencer marketing is high. I also offer this as a standalone service. Read more about our services and blog.

Team members

Alexis Piippo

Campaign Manager 

Stefan Piippo

Chairman of the Board

Mikael Karlsson

Member of the board