Our journey

When we started our journey we had a simple idea; lets create a company that connects great FIFA talents with companies that want to enter E-sports. However, we soon realized that the E-sports scene of FIFA simply was too underdeveloped to accommodate a business like that. Just like all entrepreneurs worth their name, our immediate reaction was to start scratching our own itch, which is how we begun creating the sceneā€¦

Today we are three nerdy heads that work closely together with all major influencers in gaming. We have also moved on to be a helpful player in all areas of influencer marketing, including entertainment, sports, comedy and lifestyle.

What we do

We are an influencer agency that focuses on gaming and e-sport. The majority of our work consists of creating influencer marketing and being the bridge between the influencer and the company.

– Influencer marketing

We guide our clients to create influencer marketing campaigns. Our challenge the we are tackling right now is how to create great sales with influencer marketing and how to track its MROI+ROI. Not only do we setup the campaign, shoot the production and implement the campaign ourselves. We save your time. 

– E-sport consultancy

We have been working with football clubs all over Scandinavia. We help them with business models, marketing and commercial projects.

Team members

Alexis Piippo

Talent ManagerĀ 

Stefan Piippo

Chairman of the Board

Mikael Karlsson

Member of the board

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