Whilst EA is finalizing a handful of remaining operation and format details in their competitive program, they have requested that TFL be postponed. Read more HERE


TropSe FUT League (TFL) is a qualifying league to Nordic Champion 2018. The top 4 players in each season will not only compete for the 25.000 SEK price pool. They will also qualify to compete in the massive event Nordic Champion 2018, for a chance to take home the  grand title of Nordic Champion.


To be able to qualify to the league you already need to have proven yourself worthy of battling with the titans. If you think you have what it takes, please apply for a spot in the tournament with the link to the right. Make sure to follow TropSe at one of our social media channels, so you won’t miss the chance to watch the prelude to the biggest FIFA event of the gaming year.

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Step 1 – Round Robin group stage
96 players are divided into 16 groups, and competes in a 3 week round robin group stage. Top 3 in each group qualifies to the early-stage playoff.

Step 2 – Early-stage online playoff
48 players enters a single elimination playoff, of which the top 8  players moves on to the next step.

Step 3 – Late-stage offline playoff event
The players that qualified to the semi-finals will be flown to Gothenburg, where they will compete live for the 25.000 SEK pricepool. The top 4 players in this playoff will also receive an invitation to Nordic Champion 2018 where the best player in Scandinavia will be crowned.

Watch the games when it suits you! All of the matched played will be uploaded Youtube, and the finals will be professionally streamed and casted. If you don’t have time to watch the entire games, why not catch one of the weekly discussions and highlights segments?